Lasaga, pronounced as [lɐˈsɑgə], is Garfielf's absolute favorite food, and one that he often demands Jon to make for him. It is supposed to be the Garfielf dimension's version of lasagna, an Italian type of pasta.

Properties Edit

Lasagna is one of the oldest types of pasta, and is made by alternating layers of flat, wide pasta with meat, vegetables, cheese, sauce, and other ingredients. Presumably, lasaga is made the same way.

It is known that certain brands of lasaga are superior to others, as in Garfielf gets Indigestion it is revealed that Olive Garden Lasaga is so far down the ladder of lasaga that it has the capacity to kill a normal being.

Origins Edit

In the Garfield comics by Jim Davis, lasagna is Garfield's favorite type of food. Garfielf's love of "lasaga" is, therefore, a mocking parody of this long-running Garfield comic joke. The picture seen to the side is an image of lasaga as seen in the video Garfielf doesn't like burnt toast on YouTube.

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